I wish we could sit down together over coffee and talk about our life journey's.  I would whisper in your ear:  You matter to God.  You really do.

I've discovered that in the midst of my own messy life and I want you to as well.

If you're a seeker, you've come to the right place as so am I.  So pull up a chair as we journey closer to Him together.

I'm a poet at heart.  I love to pen about the redemptive love of Christ.  He is my heart healer and wants to be yours as well.

I cling to the hope of a cross and am passionate in doing so because my need is so great.

I get excited about God, issues women face and I get excited to see women grow in who they are in Christ.

My poetry can be found at my facebook page, Songs of the Beloved


  1. I have been so enjoying your posts on Facebook. I like you !am a transplant to the state of MI ,but born in Toronto. God is using you to bless and encourage so many through your words and beautiful photos. You have deeply touched my heart and I in turn have shared your insights with others who needed a touch from our Savior. May The Lord continue to fill your heart and mind with His wisdom and words. Thank you my friend and fellow laborer in His vineyard, Patricia

  2. Thank you Patricia for your kind words. You encourage me today. I would like to send you a pdf copy of my ebook, Soul Care, God's Way. Could you send an email to me and then I can reply with an attached copy of my book? Blessings, Maria

  3. hi Maria, i stumbled on your blog and i like you. God bless you