Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Sacred Journey: 30 days to a closer walk with Him

To encounter Him is a sacred and costly journey. 

A consuming call to follow.
To commune with Him as He extends an invitation
 to a divine encounter.

He captivates, capturing our heart with His love.

Will you give Him your life to rest upon?

In doing so you will find that

 “In the light of a King’s face is life, 
and His favour is like a cloud 
with the spring rain.” 
 Proverbs 16:15

God wants to keep an appointment with you.  
Luke tells us in Acts 2:42 that the early church 
"devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, 
to the breaking of bread and the prayers".

The early church were called to prayer 7 times a day 
“Seven times a day I praise you.” – Psalm 118(119):164

But I am inviting you 
To come and join with me
morning, noon & evening
For 30 days
To devote ourselves to the reading of His word
and to pray His word for one month.
Does your heart burn within in to "come aside" 
To find Him
Already waiting for you there?

*This 30 day journey was for March 2018 and is closed now *

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