Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sounds of silence

Be still.
Just for a moment.
Listen to the world around you. Feel your breath coming in and going out. Listen to your thoughts. See the details of your surroundings.
Be at peace with being still.
In this modern world, activity and movement are the default modes, if not with our bodies then at least with our minds, with our attention. We rush around all day, doing things, talking, emailing, sending and reading messages, clicking from browser tab to the next, one link to the next.
We are always on, always connected, always thinking, always talking. There is no time for stillness — and sitting in front of a frenetic computer all day, and then in front of the hyperactive television, doesn’t count as stillness.
This comes at a cost: we lose that time for contemplation, for observing and listening. We lose peace.
 Just Breathe
Breathe when you feel yourself moving too fast. Slow down. Be present. Find happiness now, in this moment, instead of waiting for it.
Savor the stillness. It’s a treasure, and it’s available to us, always.
The language of the universe
The stars, the moon, the sun
Shadows that move
Across the canopy of space
Soundless beauty
That gilds the morning dawn
With golden strands

As a soul waits
And listens to the deep silence
As within the heart
Haunting echoes of notes
Sung without words
Call a soul to worship

Are the flakes of falling white
That bread of heaven
That comes down
Softly from silent places
In the gathering silence
Of this new day
A soul is touched
By gifts of grace

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