Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pray Today

Pray Today - On my blog I will be adding prayers that have blessed me. They may focus on a time of day, a season of life, a particular ministry, or a time of the church year. I won't post new prayers every day, but will try to include them as often as possible. I greatly value prayer and it would be my honor to pray on your behalf (link to contact information).

from Ken Boa

Father, You have loved me and called me to be Your loyal follower, and to find my true pleasure in Your revealed will. You have given all humanity great personal worth and have called us to a high and holy life of other-centered love. As I pursue You, may I also pursue the best interests of the people You have sovereignly placed in my life, so that I will be an agent of reconciliation and of Your grace. You are the eternal wellspring of wisdom, and I want to drink from the water of Your Word and be satisfied. Keep me from being a stumbling block to others and empower me to treat people according to their true dignity in Your image rather than according to the world’s distorted view of status and worth. Let my love and service of others be an expression of my love and service to You.

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