Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life lessons from a dog

This is Bear, my rescued dog.  We brought him home from the local pound 3 years ago.

Maybe because of being abandoned, of being orphaned, there is such a need in him to be close to his favourite human, me.

Wherever I am, he seeks me out.

Whenever I come home, he is so excited to see me.

His paws push under the cracks of the doors to get as close to me as possible if he cannot push the door open.

In some ways it has become a bit of joke – this needy little black ball of fur who so much wants to be with me.

There are times he is content to sit at my feet. 

Other times he jumps up and settles quietly beside me as I read or write.
Then there are times he crawls up on my lap or close to my face as if some hidden need drives him for that sense of extra security with the one he loves the most.

There are times I hear him “sigh” as if in complete peace even as I feel his body grow heavy with rest.

I was thinking, as Bear snuggled close, how much I can learn from this furry creature with a black button nose.

I reflect on how big is my need to be close to God

I know what it is like to be abandoned, to feel fatherless and unloved.  I know what it is like to feel ripped from a family.  
I know how needy my own heart is.

So, like Bear, I press in to find the One who has captured my heart. 
I seek Him out needing to be close to Him.  
I find joy in His presence.
I press through circumstances to get near to Him.  
Closed doors cause me to  seek Him even more.

Sometimes I need to rest beside Him.
Sometimes I need to lay at His feet.
Sometimes I need to be held on His lap – for reassurance of His love.

I have been rescued.

I have become part of a new family, the family of God.

I once was lost but now am found.

I am loved.

I am home.

With the One I love the most.


  1. Maria: I like the parallel you draw between your dog's action and how you feel about being with God.

  2. Thanks "quietspirit", the things we can learn from what is around us. And, of course, the dog is here with me now as I type.