Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Finding stillness

I stare not outwardly but inwardly as the morning sun slowly rises; hands wrapped around the warmth of a cup filled with fragrant coffee. In the quiet hush of the day I find my soul rushing into the concerns of the present. I am learning to let them rise up and to face each anxious circumstance. 

This unveiling brings them into the light of day where they can be released into His hands. I breathe deeply knowing that the whisper of God’s presence is with me and then with shuddering breaths I exhale the quiet murmurings of my troubled soul.

Minute after minute He weaves eternity into today with the slow quiet ticking of a heart so desperately in need of His grace. It is in this stillness that heaven touches earth. My earth. My day. This present quiet. 

Mundane moments in this quiet lowly place are where I receive His mercies new and fresh every morning. This becomes a sacred, secret place as I invite Him to enter once again. 

A weighty understanding falls that worship is costly. So I press in closer to Him as I bow my head as I offer sacrifices of praise to the One who paid a price much greater than I. So I watch as the shadows recede in the light of His presence. 

Everything in life will change but He is my constant in the midst of the messy moments of every day. He turns my gaze back out again, to face the day. His truth rises within my heart even as the sun upon this new morning. 

I begin to sense an almost imperceptible shift as my frantic thoughts are not so frantic now. Another rhythm quiets the staccato beat of this heart of mine. How sweet the sound as the chattering of my soul stills. 

He is teaching me how to live in the quiet even in the midst of the noise.


  1. Maria; I like the quiet of the morning. We live on a fairly busy street. I try to waken at 7:00 or 8:00 and get my devotions and my reading done. Hubby is a night person; I having my mornings to myself.

    1. I am a night owl and my hubby is the early morning one but there is something so peaceful and serene in the dawn and in the dusk. I'm usually up around 7 as well but need a cup of coffee to help those eyes of mine open.