Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Walled in

Paul is not the only person in the bible afflicted with thorns (2 Corinthians 12:7-9), Jesus had a crown of thorns placed and pressed upon His brow.  (John 19:1-3). 

There is a powerful imagery of thorns found in Hosea 2:6-7 NEB:
"Therefore I will block her road with thorn-bushes and obstruct her path with a wall, so that she can no longer follow her old ways. When she pursues her lovers she will not overtake them, when she looks for them she will not find them; then she will say "I will go back to my husband again, I was better off with him than I am now."

God jealously guards His relationship with you.  He will do everything to woo you and to draw you to Himself.  

Thorns can do that.  Even though the outward circumstances do not seem to change, the inner core of your being is.  You find that the only way you can go is back to Him, to throw yourself onto His mercy and to cling to His grace as your daily manna.

"Often trust begins on the far side of despair." Brennan Manning
Thorns have the potential to strangle your faith if you don't find a constructive way to view them against the backdrop of His love.

So even though you find your road obstructed with thorns, it is there that He meets with you. 

"Put your head on the chest of God and weep."  Nicole Johnson

He has not abandoned you.

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  1. Beautiful post Maria, and of course we can all relate to the times we are feeling "walled in" and amongst the thorns that feel like they are choking us. That's what it feels
    like when you are homebound with sickness and not many to help you with what needs to get done. You start to feel alone at times and overwhelmed by the surroundings you are in and almost discouraged and ready to give up when you realize that God is with you still....you're not alone...yes, its a painful time, and difficult, and you wish you were not among all these thorn bushes and also walled in this mess. ....However, God speaks to your weary heart if you listen you can hear Him. He gives you some hope and encouragement and possibly an angel is sent your way or a message, a word, spoken for you to hear or read. He takes you to Himself amongst the thorny bushes you are surrounded by, and becomes a cushion for you, to take some of the hurt and pain from you. You can take a breathe and start to pray and ask God to help you and or give the strength you need to go on...Praise be to God,....I received that message today...in just a few words I read...."walled in"......and it brought me to a different place spiritually and emotionally so that I could remember God's presence and promises and fill me with some hope once again. Thanks Maria for your ministry :)

    1. Oh Gail, thank you so much for your open heart and beautiful words that you have penned that express so eloquently your pain and your hope. Hugs to you my friend, Maria

  2. Found this post on Twitter by accident....or should I say it was absolutely a Godincidence!!!!! Yes, definitely!! thank You Lord for leading and guiding me to this post.