Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Dark Night of the soul

There is a secret place of concealment with God. where He draws us into a season called The Dark Night of the Soul.   

A path leads to this place of wilderness and the door closes behind us.  We cannot find the way out and so we stay, for awhile.

In this secret wilderness His voice becomes muffled.  He speaks but we don't fully understand His whispers.  

He becomes elusive and so we pursue and seek after Him as He hides in the shadows.

What once was sure now trembles in a heart that no longer trusts its own voice.

The road of comfort is eroded by the heat of the sun and the grainy blasts from desert winds.

The Dark Night is a place where the strong are broken and then remade.

Self is stripped away until a soul falls depleted at His feet.

Self reliance comes to an end and it is then the gate is opened.

The Dark Night makes you unafraid of darkness forever more.


  1. so true!
    A painful place to be, but afterwards we see how important and rewarding it was, because God becomes even more our all in all.
    Blessings, prayers and (((((BiiiiiGHuuuGs)))))
    ~ Cecilie ~

    1. Cecilie, your journey has been one of suffering and grace. His joy shines through you my dear friend. Hugs back to you, Maria

  2. Dear Maria, I can totally relate to a lot on your blog. In fact, I wrote a book about my journey through what I call "the furnace," a dark night of the soul. And it is so trut that this when God breaks you and rebuilds you. You pack a lot of wisdom and truth into your posts. Please, feel free to check out my book at sweetlybrokengirl.blogspot.com. I put it out there to hopefully help others draw closer to God's healing love. Take care, God bless, and keep up the great posts. - Heather K

  3. Thank you Heather for your gracious words. I will check out your blog and look forward to spending some time reading your words. Maria