Sunday, May 6, 2012

God will use your past if you let Him

God calls each of us to a very personal walk with Him. He will deepen the call that He has put within your soul. He will test you and prove you before He will use you further. 

Moses had led the Israelites out of Egypt and they were journeying to the Promised Land. The desert they were traveling through was the "in-between" place. What happens there and why? Trials, testing and trust. 

This "in-between" place is also where we encounter God and our real self.

Some thoughts:

God wants us close to Him even more than we want to be close to Him. But how often do we disconnect from Him. We even hide our heart from Him. Yet He knows all about us. As we share our hearts with Him, being real before Him and learning to hear His heart; our relationship with Him will grow closer and deeper.

As we begin to experience truth and healing in our emotions we begin to realize that we are not looking for a resolution of our past but we are finding that it is the use of our past that draws us closer to God.

JOB 42:2-6

We also begin to realize that it is not only the lessons we have learned from the past, but the trust and faith that has been developed because, like Job, we too have had an encounter with God face to face.

Before God can use us fully, He has to prove us. There is a maturing that comes through some of life’s most difficult situations. As we allow God to minister His grace to us in those seasons, we are also allowing Him to build a foundation within us. This proven foundation becomes a cornerstone upon which God prepares us further for work in His kingdom.

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  1. a reminder I needed as we once more are going through tough times over here.
    YOU are such a blessing precious sis!
    Take good care dear one!
    Blessings, prayers and (((((BiiiiiGHuuuGs)))))

  2. Cecilie, so good to hear from you but so sad that times are rough for you and your family. May He gather you gently under the shelter of His wings. Blessings back to you, Maria